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March 16 2011

Everyday I would see her on my way to work
Her owner was a cold hearted, brutal jerk.
She was his gas station guard dog, but I guess not vicious enough,
so everyday he would beat her, I guess to make her more tough.
Day after day I witnessed this until I couldn't take it anymore.
I had to do something, that much was for sure,
and so one evening I returned there in the dead of night
and with a pair of bolt cutters
I cut a hole in his fence and rescued her from her plight.
My Tasha Girl had been with me ever since then
and I couldn't have asked for a more grateful and devoted companion.
She's gone now and since then my life has been melancholy.
I dearly miss that beautiful mix of Chow and Collie.
Only when I would share my Tasha Girl's company
could I let go of this world full of corruption and misery
and for once in my life I would truly feel happy,
but all that's left now are very joyful yet very painful memories.
One day I will create a proper tribute for you,
but until then my angel this will have to do.
So much time has passed since you have been gone,
but no matter how hard I try, I just can't move on.
You'll never know how much joy you brought into my dark, dismal world.
I'll forever cherish, love and miss you my most beloved, precious Tasha Girl.





In Loving Memory Of My TASHA Girl



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